Monday, 12 February 2007

Welcome the single most powerful turn-key, automatic solution to all of your copywriting obstacles... Guaranteed!

I started my copywriting by being profusely lousy at it. Every time I was about to sit down and write a copy I used to enter the "procrastination domain", as I jokingly labeled it. I beated around the bush trying to do what each and every one of us has been told to do: outline, write, review... and find reasons to postpone the actual writing as much as possible. You know it.

And it's not that there were some inherent flaws in this age-old approach, it's just that the process always seemed so tedious, so devoid of life and creative substance that it would tend to kill all the writing juices in me in an instant.

In fact, soon enough I was seriously doubting my writing capacities and unwillingly started boxing myself into the regular writing activities, avoiding at all costs all areas I deemed "creative" in writing. Sure enough, being a single entrepreneur I found it increasingly hard to promote my activities: my memo-style advertising sucked big time, while my avoidance of the more effective approaches became obnoxious.

Long story short, one day a friend of mine - Mike - who by then knew of my phobic-like reaction to any sort of advertising activities sent me a link to a program called Glyphius. He claimed that what he had uncovered will solve my problems once and for all. Knowing Mike and his weird sense of humer at times (sorry, buddy, if you're reading this ;) I went for it and clicked the link. What I found was nothing short of a miracle.

Okay, one step back. At first, I thought it was a joke of some sense: a program, which supposedly scores your creative efforts to see how effective they would be in advertising? Nah... c'mon, this can't be true - I thought to myself and forgot about the idea for a while. To be precise 'till my next copywriting effort. That day, having spent endless hours in a row guessing and trying to piece my copy together, I gave up. I went to the site and made up my mind: I had little to lose by trying Glyphius, and the temptation of having a copy put together quickly and swiftly has won this battle.

Imagine my surprise when having diligently spent next 2 hours putting a copy with the help of Glyphius I ended up with my best selling copy to date! What's more I no longer had to sacrifice creativity for effectivness: the fun part has made its way back to the copy, without giving into efficiency!

For you to understand, what Glyphius does is it compares your entire copy or its parts with its vast database of thousands and thousands of world's most effective ads. It then gives you a score along with suggestions to improve the wording. Now it's up to you to channel your creativity into it and have Glyphius tell you which sentences of yours are not only the most fun to read, but also the most compelling in terms of selling your offer.

Ever since, I started using Glyphius feverously and looking back I can definitely admit that it was one of the best investments in my entire life! The amount of money Glyphius made me can only be compared to a team of professional copywriters by your side to aid and guide you, while allowing you to maintain your style in your copy. No wonder I later found out that most big names in this industry admit to using Glyphius on a regular basis in their copywriting efforts.

With that in mind, if you were to read this blog only for this entry this advice alone would make your time worthwile. In case you're interested, here's a link where you can get your copy of Glyphius now for immediate download:

Months later, when you'll be looking back at this point in your life, I'm sure you'll come to recognize the value of this advice and the positive impact it will have had on your copywriting career ;)